A Powerful Alternative To Traditional Advertising.

As members of the Hellenic Film Commission, long-time partners of Amazon Prime Video, and proprietors of streaming networks ourselves, we understand the needs and worries of advertisers better than most. If you’re a high value brand, you need to place your ads inside the hottest entertainment projects and yield the highest ROI possible. It’s a tough process and success is not always guaranteed. Here’s the thing though. We believe we’ve found a great solution for you.

The video game industry is larger than music, film and television combined. According to the Academy of Animated Art there were 3.07 billion players worldwide in 2023, the majority of which gathers around a few massive gaming brands like Fortnite, Fallout, Skyrim, and the Witcher series (the types of games that end up getting their own Netflix and Prime Video shows). The player base behind this list of games is massive and the advertising opportunities are even bigger.

How would you like to enter this market with a powerful ally at your side? Value the Brand is a special sales initiative by Kassotis Productions that embeds your brand into the world of video games like you’ve never seen before. As a leading multimedia studio we boast a lot of heavyweight partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the history of gaming. Thanks to our licencing agreements with them, we can create entire worlds and adventures based on your brand, inside some of the biggest video game franchises out there.

Join companies like LEGO and Disney and create a level of brand awareness that not only isn’t intrusive like traditional advertisements, but it’s also incredibly fun and memorable for audiences of all kinds and age groups. With the help of our game development studio TETHORAX SOFTWORKS, we are able to create AAA experiences that will give your brand a magical element your customers are going to adore.

Oh gosh we almost forgot! We haven’t even told you the best part yet. By creating unique gaming experiences with us, you are actually the ones who are getting paid by the end of the month. Yes, you read that right! Our partnerships with publishers like Epic Games and Microsoft’s Bethesda Game Studios, allow us to create premium maps inside their most popular games that will give you a cut of their profits by the end of each month*. You only pay us once for the work it takes to actually build the maps and after that you get to kick back and watch your ads pay for themselves.

*payouts can vary based on franchise, player retention and transactions.

Value the Brand partners also have the unique privilege of receiving advertisements from our network of podcasts and TV shows free of charge. That’s how serious we are about forging a strong long-term partnership with you. So what do you say? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the whole thing.

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