As one of the leading multimedia studios in Southern Europe, we are developing both content and technology for the future while innovating in the present.

Together with our subsidiaries and affiliates, we serve as a leading diversified multimedia enterprise which includes Kassotis Productions, Kassotis+; and four content departments— Gaming, Sports, Music, and Books —focused on developing and producing content for direct-to-consumer and linear platforms. Our mission being to entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through every channel of communication out there.


Kassotis is represented by separate brands for each medium, which operate as autonomous divisions within the studio.


Our founder, Pantelis Kassotis (professionally known as @Porkotyler) casts the overall vision, mission and strategic goals for the studio’s multiple business verticals. 

These include a video streaming service, film and television production services, a music record label, a video game development studio, and a book publishing house. 

Before becoming one of the top studio executives in Greece, Pantelis worked as an animator and content creator for well-known websites such as BuzzFeed, Funny Or Die, and CollegeHumor. He is also one of the lead game designers behind Fortnite, LEGO Fortnite, and Rocket Racing.

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